Success is about the establishment of trust.

ICO smart contract audits
by expert whitepaper watchdogs.


Code Inspection

Authentic examination of smart contract source code for all possible security risks


Transparency Analysis

Identify any transparency issues within your smart contract and learn how they can be resolved


Token Verification

Provide the public with assurance that your token smart contract is in accordance with your white paper


TokenGrade™ Audit Platform

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    Checks for breaches in the smart contract, where essential terms are controlled or can be manipulated by a person and not the code.

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    Money Flow

    Detects money flow going out of the smart contract to before the ICO ends, cap reached and/or tokens issued.

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    Code Review

    Conducts code review on the smart contract to check for vulnerabilities, programming bugs and anything else out of the ordinary.

ICO Audits

Our mission from the beginning has been to help provide transparency and investor confidence to the cryptocurrency community.

The cryptocurrency market is full of shady business practices, transparency can make all the difference to your investors.

Our team of experts conduct thorough ICO audits to ensure whitepapers are consistent with crowdsale smart contracts.

Hear from our customers how we have introduced trust and confidence to their investor community.
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